Route 1 expansion

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Route 1 expansion

Post by Peterino on Tue May 19, 2015 10:58 pm

So route 1 kind of has that undead/dungeon theme going on. I thought it'd be cool to really flesh it out as such.

The entrance to the dungeon: I feel like this could use some bat monsters, probably the same in strength to rats. Cobwebs and skulls to decorate?

The next room, the one with the treasure chest, is probably fine as is. Maybe lock the chest and give the rats a chance to drop a key to open it.

This room, I think once you have unlocked bombs you should probably be able to blow up that section of wall to pass through more easily. Otherwise it's good.

Mr. Skeltal's room is fine, maybe change the wells to be either empty or filled with blood or something. The main thing to bring up here is that I think Mr. Skeltal should be moved in to the next room, and fill this room up with something else. Spiders or something?

This room should be Mr. Sketal's room. Fill it with tombstones, maybe have the tombstones be readable and have the names of contributors or donators on them. Maybe have some graves that can be opened with a pickaxe to reveal treasure.

For these next two screens they could be filled with a new enemy called a Ghoul. Probably just tougher in health than mr skeltal. Busted up boat on the river, bones and cobwebs and such as per the theme.

The long hallway with the bomb chest I don't really have ideas for. Probably just decorate it and fill with a mix of mr skeltal and ghouls.

The forest room here is where it should get much tougher. Fill it with a few skeletal lich's that raise mr skeltals and ghouls which aggro the player. Should be able to either fight through it or maybe have a way to stop them from spawning ghouls like a pile of bones or bodies that you can destroy.

The final room, Unknown Ruins, could have a boss-type monster called The Demilich, i thought Kookem's giant skull art he made would be a decent fit. Just have it float around like the crabs currently do. The demilich should cast very painful spells and have a phylactery somewhere in the room that you have to destroy to kill him.

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Re: Route 1 expansion

Post by King Charles on Tue May 19, 2015 11:19 pm

Perfect solution to making Route 1 interesting! Provides some challenge and training grounds for newer players, along with the fun of exploration.

Have all of my yes. I'm willing to help with the graphics if Kart and Chris approve this.

King Charles

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