Digging skill

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Digging skill

Post by Engetsu on Sun May 24, 2015 2:42 am

I really how to start this so i'm gonna do like this:
Mine digging skill is based on griniding "Fishing" skill becouse is soo beneficial in many ways...
Some people are grinding that for making tons of money or just for health reg
So i figured outw that fishing needs a bait ! Digging worms from the ground would be a little bit troublesome for grindiing but digging could have other uses like in graveyard in route 1
Just imagine that you could dig out buryed coffins and see if they have something good (gold,gold stuff like gold greatsword,iron stuff like iron sword, etc.)
Becouse is little bit weird that ghoul drops weapons where you should find in weaponsmith or something

I'm such guy which comes with empty ideas so i i'm very openly for any forms of criticism and opinions and if you don't like it just say or if you think its a big useless idea go for it say it out loud Smile

I'm not pretty sure about this idea too but i just wanted let you know what i have on mine mind for now


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