Character model Pixelart competition

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Character model Pixelart competition

Post by Kart on Mon Aug 08, 2016 1:05 am

I'm holding a competition in making a character model for those that would like a chance to make their version the official Old World character model for me to make equipment for etc.
Winner will receive VIP in-game for themselvesĀ and optionally for a friend($10) and an in-game limited pink pickaxe, and a set of VIP-cosmetics of your choosing.
Here are the rules:

  • Each frame has to be drawn on 16x16 frames and then resized by 100% to make each frame 32x32, this way, it'll fit the games artstyle.
  • I can't pay you, and by submitting your art and/or sending it to me directly, you agree to this and will let me use your sprite.
  • Has to be a blank character base, and by that, i mean skin color.
  • You have to make the walking animations for your submission. No one-frame submissions. It has to be the entire thing, animated and all.
  • In between each walking animation where your character takes a step(1st and 3rd frames) has to be the idle animation where your character stands still.

    Character sprites work on a sheet, so you have 4 rows representing each direction your character is walking in.

    This is the resized model. You'll be creating yours in half the size per frame(16x16) and then resizing it by double.

    Above, you can see how the frames work. Observe how 1st and 3rd frames are idle frames while the others are step frames where the character takes a step with either right or left leg, their arms following in opposite direction like they do in real life when you walk. This is just an example and when making your own character sprite, you don't have to live up to the example, considering it's pretty shitty. Also, i encourage you not to use an outline, like i did in mine since most other things don't have an outline in my game.

    Submissions can be sent to me in this thread, through twitch PM or chat, or to my skype: emil1000123


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